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How do we live a happy and healthy life in a world full of toxins and stress? Every day we are exposed to enormous amounts of toxic challenges. From our food, pollution, the products we use, even through unhealthy relationships and more, our bodies are constantly exposed to external stressors.  How do we protect ourselves from these and remove toxins from our body?


At the Detox Movement we will help you to incorporate nutrition, health protocols, movement breathwork and meditation into your daily life and give you the tools to unlock the secret to longevity.


The most profound times to detox and take time to focus on yourself are during spring and autumn equinox and summer and winter solstices. These are good moments to take time for reflection, good nutrition, relaxation and movement.  We normally do our online retreats in conjunction with these auspicious times. 

We offer:




online events

  • Detox Brain Health & Sleep Retreat
    Detox Brain Health & Sleep Retreat
    Thu, 28 Sept
    Virtual Event
    28 Sept, 18:00 BST – 01 Oct, 20:00 BST
    Virtual Event
    Join us for our brand-new detox weekend focussing on brain and sleep health. Learn how to optimise your sleep, memory, focus and sharp thinking through food, movement and naturopathic protocols.

live events

No upcoming events at the moment
online retreats

These retreats are an excellent way to partake in the privacy of your home while being fully supported through online-seminars, yoga, meditation and breath classes, sharing and Q&A sessions and cookery demonstrations.

Each of our online offerings have a different focus - Immune Boosting, Gut Health, Longevity, Women’s Hormone Health and Sleep and Brain health.  The retreats offer four different menus with juice and broth fasting, soups and smoothies, raw food or a wholefood cooked menu.  Participants can decide, after consultation with us, how they want to experience the detox process most appropriate to them.

residential retreats

All our menus are planned and prepared by Åsa.  Healthy drinks will also be provided throughout the day. Each retreat will offer additional activities such as gong bath, sauna, campfire and singing, silent meditation walk, wild swimming or hot tub and cold plunge pool experience. Treatments and massages will be available as an add on on most retreats.

Set in beautiful rural retreat centres with a high standard of accommodation and facilities to suit most needs, our residential retreats offer two daily sessions of yoga with therapeutic touch, breathwork and meditation; daily nutrition and health protocol workshops; healthy cookery demonstrations as well as sharing and Q&A sessions. You will enjoy a high-vibrational, super healthy plant based menu consisting of morning cleansing juice and light breakfast, hearty lunch, a healthy afternoon treat and delicious evening meal.

london evening events

When you attend these events you will receive a 5% discount code for our online or residential retreats.

These 3 hour evening events offer a taster of what you can expect to experience on our online and residential retreats. You can learn more about living well with yoga, meditation, and nutrition, enjoy a cooking demo and share a healthy plant based meal.

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