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Åsa and Lisa came together during lockdown through a mutual desire to support their clients and students during the pandemic by sharing their knowledge of nutrition, breath and yoga at a time when good immune health and managing stress had become more vital than ever. 

who we are

Åsa is a naturopath, nutritionist, author and registered nurse with almost 30 years of experience in health and medicine who has helped thousands of clients and patients back to good health and Lisa Dunn is a yoga teacher of 12 years whose work has taken her all over the world running retreats and workshops.

our programmes

The result was a series of inclusive five day online detox programmes, each offering a different focus: Immune Boosting, Gut Health, Longevity and Women’s Hormone Health. The retreats proved so popular that they decided to continue working together post-pandemic - adding in- real-life retreats and shorter courses to their offerings  -  and The Detox Movement was born. 

more about Åsa

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Instagram @nordic.nutrition

Åsa currently sees clients in her private practice in Hackney, London. She is a lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and runs private workshops and classes for the wonderful charity that is ‘Made in Hackney’, she is a natural chef cooking on retreats and has recently had her first book ‘Fermentation’ published. Åsa will guide you with nourishing recipes and naturopathic detox techniques, educational talks and practical cooking sessions. 

more about Lisa

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Instagram @lisa_dunn_yoga

As well as running yoga and breathwork retreats and workshops around the world, Lisa works at Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre in Spain where she is a faculty teacher on Frog Lotus International teacher training programmes. She brings a contemporary eye to time-honoured traditions and draws on the universal teachings of yoga, both on and off the mat. Lisa is also a filmmaker and has recently finished a documentary about the world of yoga called ‘Suryalila: Six Years in Search of Sanity’.

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